Marcon Emergency Specialists Inc. was established in 1994 and has since been recognized by industry and regulatory agencies as a leader in emergency management. Marcon has provided industry-leading expertise and comprehensive planning services to a range of clients throughout western Canada.

Our philosophy is to integrate demonstrated emergency response planning and consultation methods with innovations in technology (plume dispersion modeling, automated call-out/notification systems) to deliver effective emergency response plans that maximize public safety, facilitate regulatory approvals, and build confidence in the clients we serve in a cost effective manner.

Plans and programs developed by Marcon are designed and organized around the incident command system principles, clearly defined roles and responsibilities of emergency responders to ensure an effective and efficient response to an incident.

Mission Statement

Our commitment to work with industry, governments and the public to heighten emergency management and strengthen response capabilities to ensure the protection of the health and safety of the worker, our communities, the environment and property.